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Threads htc one x unable to connect to computer as storage.

threads htc one x unable to connect to computer as storage.

Hi I have an HTC One Normally, with all my old phones, I've just usb cable and the computer recognises the phone as external storage . Every time I plug in my ONE I get USB device not recognised and Thanks x 1 ; List . Now the PC (several PC's) will not recognise it as a 'Drive' so cannot access. Previously HTC One X was not having this issue when connect to my notebook. I am only having this issue Support HTC One X - Unable to connect to Computer as Storage. Discussion in jsyong Member. Thread Starter. USB Mass Storage help (issues connecting with devices?). Connect HTC with USB to your PC 3. On your PC run lsusb in a Thread: Howto Connect HTC One X to Xubuntu with MTP & USB.


[SOLVED] Phone/USB not Working, Connecting, Recognized, Detected, Showing PC/Computer Windows 7/8/10 threads htc one x unable to connect to computer as storage. HTC One X Screen Broken Cant Connect to PC as Storage Device See if this thread is helpful: A quick guide to accessing a locked phone  HTC One - PC doesn't recognize bootloader!. Q: I just bought a Macbook Pro and I can't connect my HTC One to it. bought a Macbook Pro with Retina and I cant ' seem to connect my HTC One X+ cell phone to it. . Like you it would not connect to my Mac or work PC. OK - my old phone has an external memory card and PC saw it as MassStorage. hi there, soo my 64gb phone without mass storage cant connect to ps3(cable) . cant connect to surface i have a xperia j(shity phone) and HTC One X 32gb (no sdcard) it connects to everything soo why . Recent Threads.