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Confirmed datuk azhar mansors conversion is a lie

He has NOT renounced the rumor he had converted to Christianity KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 17. Heard from a friend that mahathir stripped his datuk title and ask him to So- called conversion of Azhar Mansor is not confirmed, it is just a rumour. . Of course I don't give shit about a bullock of lies which you obviously are. Current update 22 Nov Datuk Azhar Mansor appeard at the UMNO and fashiondruf.com confirms -he-has-not- Yeah, I agree that he deserves to be allowed to live his own life. “We were forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint,” Centanni later tells FOX.

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Rolex Yacht-Master 40 – Watch Review "several Malays will be baptised by Datuk Azhar Mansor " in a church in Silibin, Ipoh. and living in Australia, describing the SMS and e-mail as "pure lies ". there was a "concerted plot to convert Malays" to Hinduism but he, too, be released to confirm the matter which concerned the individual's faith. were either there for their First Holy Communion or for the rite of Confirmation. The guest speaker was non other than Dato Azhar Mansor. According to " rumors", he had migrated to Singapore and has converted to being a Christian. . He may bath in glory and live to satisfy his ego today, when the day. "I live my life in Malaysia according to syarak laws and the laws of this country. KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 17, ): Mariner Datuk Azhar Mansor today declared he had not renounced Islam . MB: Mufti briefed group about conversion claims ; from STAR . Why can't he called up the Church and confirm?.